Lauren Hubbard

Born in Honolulu Hawaii and raised throughout North America, Lauren experienced the American Life growing up in its fullest. She’s the true Beauty Queen in all essence of the matter, to a point she was asked, participated and awarded by her peers and panel the 2013 Miss Congeniality Award  in the Miss North Carolina USA 2013 Pageant. Naturally one would ask “how did that happen?”, and it is here we see the tried and tested contents that is her virtuous character.

Lauren graduated from University of South Florida in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and minor in Communications. While a Senior at USF, she founded a nonprofit, P.E.A.C.E. (People Embracing Ageless Change Everywhere) Promotions hosting such events as a black tie event honoring her mother Catherine Hubbard, her best friend and hero. PEACE donated all proceeds raised to CASA (Community Action Stops Abuse). Her first career began soon after in Washington DC for the Heart of America Foundation as a READesign Coordinator. There she helped to build, revitalize and enhance title I elementary schools across America. From DC, Lauren accepted her invitation to serve the Peace Corps as a Health Agent with the Ministry of Health in Rwanda Africa. Her task – raising awareness about malaria, AIDS and HIV. After her service, Lauren returned to New York, USA where she worked as a Personal Assistant to a TV reality celebrity and also was a Brand Ambassador for the New York Red Bulls MLS team.

The contrast of the two worlds had impacted Lauren in such a profound way that she could not exist the same; “I realized the world was bigger than I could have ever imagined. I was welcomed into a home by my host family in Rwanda with open arms, security, and unconditional love from perfect strangers. I had my first “family”. A mother, father and siblings- all in one home. I fell in love with my host family immediately and learned what was most important in life – family – for it was what I had imagined it represented. They taught me forgiveness wins in all cases, they overcame feelings of hate as they were products of the 1994 genocide. It was in that village I learned who I am. It was there, I dreamt of who I was meant to be. It is now with that experience I live 5 times Braver and pursue my purpose in life. I’m in love with life, and everything about it – all the people, learning & experiencing humanity. I admire those who live life day by day and advocate compassion and community response in every aspect of life.”

Her beyond exceptional empathetic nature encourages herself from within to volunteer in her off time. She is known for her sparkle. One place in particular, at a Hospice. In her true nature of giving the kindest essence of whom she is, she shares special moments – for some souls, their last words are a privilege for her to hear. Laurens compassion had taught her a lesson; these people, reflecting on life as they passed didn’t wish for more money or nicer things. They wished they lived a fuller life filled with Love and Joy. Her mission in life? Being the woman she wants to be known as – A Humanitarian, an international change agent, exemplifying the greatest essence of Life; Unconditional Love, Acceptance, and International Compassion; creating a globally unified human connection. And in her wisdom, she goes on to “light candles” of other souls perpetuating a cycle of goodness in a world which desperately needs more humans like her that is Lauren Hubbard.

MISS CONGENIALITYLauren’s Mentors and Most Influential People in her life:  Her Mother, Champion and Best Friend, Catherine Hubbard. Shari Hubbard (Aunt and Mentor), Bill Halamandaris (Author, Spiritual Common Sense & Co- Founder of the Heart of America Foundation.), Dr. Mohammad Olimat (University Professor and Author), Elizabeth Markie (Mentor), and Coach J (Mentor).

Books that have inspired her: Bill Halamandaris (Be The Light: A Blueprint For A Happy and Successful Life  & Spiritual Common Sense). Andy Andrews (The Final Summit). Tony Hsieh (Delivering Happiness). Dr. Seuss (Oh, The Places You’ll Go). John Kent (Your Life is Your Message).

In 2015 Lauren hopes to continue traveling the country, speaking and motivating the youth to get up and get out into the world, explore, and search for their life’s meaning. She hopes to be creating a second documentary in another country, continue her painting, and is planning on publishing her Peace Corps Journal and a second children’s book.